weeknotes (two)

happy dead week.

what i’m up to

i started the greek duolingo course this week. while i’m not particularly good at keeping my duolingo streak, i do like to pick up new courses every once in a while to see what’s up — i mainly focus on learning mandarin, but i’ve started at least five others just for fun.

i just find it really interesting to check out the beginning of different courses, especially when there’s another alphabet involved — regardless of how much greek or korean i ever end up learning in my life, i think there’s something to be said for having a basic understanding of how their alphabets work & how to pronounce things.

i also, as you may have already seen, started slowly rebuilding my website from scratch. and i’m having fun.


i finally got a copy of emily wilson’s new translation of the iliad and have been slowly making my way through her (fantastic, imo) introduction. i also spent christmas morning reading bryan doerries’ translation of ajax in all that you’ve seen here is god, which i loved. i’m excited to read the rest of the plays in this collection.

this is still one of my favorite lines in ajaxthis is still one of my favorite lines in ajax emily wilson’s introduction to the iliademily wilson’s introduction to the iliad


a year after i originally started playing ffxiv, i’m finally about to finish the seventh umbral era quests. i also recently got an analogue pocket (!!!) and have been playing castlevania: circle of the moon & fire emblem: the binding blade — both for the first time.

my new pink analogue pocketmy new pink analogue pocket

i picked up roadwarden from the steam winter sale and then played it for four hours straight until i had a headache from reading a lot of tiny video game text on my steam deck in the dark without moving. it’s so good.


i saw napoleon a few weeks ago — i wish it had committed more to being one of the several different movies it was trying to be all at once. to make up for it, i really want to find time to see maestro & the boy and the heron sometime soon.

i haven’t really been watching any new tv shows, but i did decide (after watching this video) that i want to watch andor. i’ve also been hearing a lot about doctor who again lately, which is kind of making me want to get back into it.

(i’m still going to call these weeknotes, even if i write them way less frequently than weekly.)


December 29, 2023