the oolong project

i haven’t really touched my website in a long time. there are cobwebs in the corners, and i’m not even sure i remember how jekyll works anymore. so i’m starting from scratch, learning 11ty as i go, and hoping to fall back in love with the process while i make a new website.

i’ve been calling this project oolong, after my favorite type of tea, to represent the in-between-ness — a partially-oxidized website. just for fun, i’ve been thinking of each bit of work as a step in the tea-making process, reflected in the names of my kanban columns:

🌱 plant the leaves → backlog

🍃 harvest the leaves → on deck

☀ oxidize the leaves → in progress: building

🫖 brew the tea → in progress: styling

🍵 serve the tea → completed

progress is slow, intentionally. there are a few pages to look at, at least. and a changelog that i want to update as i work on it. my first update says:

feeling good about this so far. i’ve had fun setting up the github project & planning out what i want to do. i want to keep everything as simple as possible for as long as i can, because it’s all too easy for me to get myself bogged down with page templates and sass before i even have anything to work with.


December 26, 2023