good morning

hi i guess. it’s been a while since i did any kind of blogging—i don’t really know how to begin.

i started reading the iliad last night & got very worked up at nearly 3 a.m. about the fact that i was reading a story that people were enjoying ~2700 years ago. so many things feel ephemeral—how many people are downloading their twitter archive right now for fear of their tweets being lost? (and will they ever even look at it?)—but somehow i can read a story on my ipad that’s so old we barely know anything about the origin of it. what? ok.

i don’t think i ever want to make something that lasts that long. i don’t think that i could, anyway. i’m content to tinker away at my little ideas & projects without the threat of longevity.

when i was a kid using the family computer in the basement, i used to have bookmark folders of blogs & websites i liked, and i’d check them every so often to see what was new. it’s hilarious to me to think of a time where i didn’t rely on feeds. anyway: if you want, you can keep up with my posts here via rss. if you’re more of a newsletter person, there are a bunch of rss-to-email services out there—feedrabbit is one with a decent free tier.


November 18, 2022