opening mail

my desk todaymy desk today

i really like saving up a bunch of mail for a bit to open all at once — not like, bills or other time-sensitive things, but fun mail. stuff like the postcards & stickers in that photo, from cheyenne barton’s patreon, or letters from friends.

i spent most of my morning in bed after waking up at 6:45 to watch the 3.4 genshin impact livestream, and only got up a few minutes ago. i was supposed to go to the dmv today but the thought of going outside is sort of filling me with dread, so i rescheduled my appointment for a couple weeks later & now i have the whole day to myself. i have a bunch of little chores i want to take care of — first thing on the list was opening mail.

pretty dregspretty dregs

i had a whole backlog of things from patreon to open, plus a few holiday cards from friends that i was saving to open on a calmer day. i also got a big census envelope in the mail this week, but i’m ignoring that today in favor of the fun stuff. i’ll get to it later.

my wall of fun stuffmy wall of fun stuff

today i got to add four postcards, a handwritten note that made me smile, and a painting done by a friend to the wall above my desk. i think i’m starting to run out of space, but i’ll manage.

January 6, 2023